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Seafront artwork stands the test of time

You may have heard over recent months and years about the seemingly relentless battering that our beautiful prom takes, here in Aberystwyth. Indeed, pictures of our colourful seafront houses often hit the headlines when yet another storm makes waves across the country.

2017 was no exception, with Storms Aileen, Brian, Caroline, Dylan – and even Hurricane Ophelia – taking their toll on the west coast of Wales.

However, as Four Cymru’s intrepid creative director took in some sea air recently, he was delighted to see that one seafront feature has stood the test of time, despite it all…

Back in 2012, Four Cymru worked with Ceredigion County Council, pupils from four schools in Aberystwyth, and poets with a connection to the local area including Eurig Salisbury and Menna Elfyn, to create poems and verses that were then inscribed along Aberystwyth promenade in Welsh granite.

The poets worked with the children to trawl through Aberystwyth’s rich literary past to find poems which inspired and represented the best of Aber, from the river to the sea.

The resulting visual art installation along the prom has weathered gale force winds and stormy seas ever since, but the verses have stood the test of time – as they hopefully will for many more years to come.