MLC001-02 Cynhedlaedd Perchnogaeth JUNE ECARD FOUR NEWS

Community Ownership Conference

As part of the Marchnad Lafur Cymraeg project, which is looking to engage sectors and companies who have the potential of developing services and products where Welsh linguistic skills are essential, a conference will be held in June with the aim of giving us a better understanding of its needs and consider the value of the Welsh language to the Community Ownership sector and how to develop it further.

The conference is the first step in developing a cluster within the Community Ownership sector by giving the project an opportunity to listen and consider the needs of the sector. We believe there is a potential of establishing a cluster of social enterprises which see the value of the Welsh language as a means of community regeneration by offering services and job opportunities for the local population.

The event allows social enterprises to learn more about the sector with sessions being held involving case studies and representatives from organisations within the sector. Also it will be an opportunity for enterprises to network and share good practice on using the language as an asset for their business.

There are several social enterprises who have the Welsh language as an integral part of their company which proves that it’s possible to develop the economy and language in tandem, together with social, environmental and economic aspects of running an enterprise.

The event will be held through the medium of Welsh but simultaneous translation will be available – please remember to note when registering.

To register for the event, email and the agenda and further information will be disseminated in the coming weeks.